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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

3 hours later............

Friday and I was called in to do a small 3 hour shift! That was all....3 hours. Now the shop on the whole was dead and maybe the odd customer buying a wee mills and boon book but other then that there was no customers.


As soon as she walked in I automatically knew i'd be stuck there! She walzed in her very long skirt and old fashioned shirt, hair pleated in a bandana and a bible in her hand and she preached at me.

Now I am got make this clear I don;t care about what religion anyone is however i do not like ewhen people talk to me for hours about their religion and how wrong i am for believing in another. I am always open for DISCUSSION about various religions but nothing of an evangilistic approach. i have made my decision :)

Any moving swiftly on seeing as this is a blog about charity shop work as opposed to about preaching etc! So we had a beautiful vintage wedding dress that had clearly been hand made with the loveliest lace I have ever seen. So our preaching friend tried the dress on and it fitted her and I will say she looked lovely in it and she purchased it :) Now after putting the £30 through I gave her receipt and was about to go to the backroom too do stock take and BOOOOOOM she started speaking and speaking and speaking for........



What is irritating is that you can't sadly ask them to leave!! 
Oh if only! 

Saturday, 16 April 2011

In with a red out with a white.

Thieves do exist. Sadly if only they passed away like the dinosaurs did. Nevertheless they chance it at every single shop. Including a charity shop!

There was one man in the typical tracksuit (with stains on it that could be cheap cider or other nasty substances) swaggers in, hands down the trousers and automatically I watch him from the corner of my eye. So off to the back where the menswear are ( I have the room spray ready for when he leaves) and I notice him having a look at the tshirts. Off he goes to try it on Oh and out the changing room he comes wearing the tshirt!

I kindly ask him if he would like to purchase the tshirt prior to wearing and if not could he go back to the changing room and take it off and put back his ( manky) tshirt which he had kindly left on the changing room floor.

Honestly PEOPLE!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Peach, Red, 8 or a 28?!

Right, charity shop (according to the cambridge dictionary) is:  'a shop in which a charity sells all types of used goods which are given by the public'

So that means people hand in clothes and we sell them. So we get clothes in all shapes and sizes and sadly you see things you want BUT they either;

  • The Wrong Colour 
  • The Wrong Material
  • The WRONG SIZE!    
That's the ultimate nightmare, wrong size syndrome! You see a lovely dress and you read the tag and when you're a size 8 (like me) and it screams size 14 at you you wish you ate more mcdonalds and carbs. But life is never fair really so you take a breath and continue to rake.

That's what most people would do HOWEVER there are a few who don't understand what a charity shop is and they come up to the till with a top that will never fit them wether it's far too small or far too big that they can fit 4 of them in it and ask:

"Got this is another size?" or "got this is another colour"

You really would like to grab them and shake them for such a question but instead you smile and have to kindly say "I am sorry that is the only size/colour available apologies".

People really expect too much these days.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Oh 40 days of tempations!

Now charity shops are GREAT. Why pay the ridiculous price tags when you can pick up something for like maximum £4?! I have seen clothes looking the same wether from Primark to River island to french Connection.  Nothing these days stand out to me. The only difference is maybe the beading pattern or the colour in each shop.

 I however want something that really makes people go-where the HELL did you get that?!

So it's great, first dibs in work but thats the major problem.


Pretty oversized jumpers, skirts with mad patterns that no doubt will make people seizure, funky shoes and lovely bags


That is the problem. TEMPTATION! I want to buy all the things, while I have a wardrobe of 50+ dresses, a shoe collection reaching near 100+ and enough tshirts for the world I can't help but see things and want them.
This job has turned into a rehab for my buying addiction.

Lacey clothes, tight fitting, any in male sizes?!

Service with a smile. We all love going into shops where the staff seem cheery ( even if their work is in fact their hell ). Customers come and go and sometimes standing there with a smile on your face makes your face feel so numb and then you start do you think the this smile so forced do i look look Cilla Black.

Anyway so in strolls my first customer of the day. One middle aged man who was VERY tall with a rugby tshirt on, baggy combats and really nice shiney doc martens. He strolls over to the till and the enquire that came out of his mouth certainly made it a struggle to NOT LAUGH ( I have a tendency to laugh at nearly everything, it really is a bad habit!)

 "Do you have any large women's tight fitting lacey provocative clothing because I like wearing womens clothing"

Now while i don't find cross dressing odd at all having a number of friends who do I was stunned by this as I wasn't expecting this from him. He looked like he should work as a plumber, joiner, builder....oh i could go on.

 So on comes proffesional service mode and I found him a rather lacey top, see through and a tigh fitting leather skirt. If you are wondering, NO I didn't laugh for once!! He went tried it on came out and i said he looked rather dashing.

So at least there was one happy customer who afterwards brough a smile to my face. Customers providing Service With A Smile.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I refuse.

Economic climate just now...........times are tough..............not enough jobs for the young........the press is full of these rather grim headlines everywhere and it seems everywhere you go the unemployed (usually recognisable by their tracksuits and swaggers) are just hanging about the streets like gangs.

I however refused to join the gangs (mainly because I do not suit the gang colours of burberry and reebok!) but because I want to be a part of society thus I have enrolled into the world of the charity shop. Being a REGULAR customer at the Shelter Charity Shop it seemed only fitting to work there after years and years taking home many of their lovely garments of the rails meaning the workers have to continuely go to the backroom and bring out more clothes.

So I thought I'd write a blog about the many wonderous weird and outright funny things one witness behind the till of the charity shop.

I do hope you enjoy this, seeing as it is my first blog and I have never been the best with words etc but enjoy anyway :)